Pro Froid Clim offers a wide range of services.

As a refrigeration specialist, we help you to realize your projects: from the installation of a simple cold room to the creation of a turnkey store.

We work for your Air Conditioning and ventilation works in all your professional premises.

The key success factors of our Installation Service are based on two fundamental elements:
– The strength of the stock: we have a large stock that allows us to guarantee the start of all types of work sites without delays.
– The strength of our human resources on the ground.

Our air conditioner, refrigerated display and cold store installations are based on three parameters:

1- Experience
Our experience is the guarantee of our competence. We integrate our know-how with your specificity for an optimal result.
2- Satisfaction
Always anxious to satisfy you at best, our teams are approved for the work of refrigerants. They provide you with security, confidence and compliance.
3- The quality
All our appliances are of high quality, in terms of air conditioning, ventilation and cold. The seriousness of our suppliers and the quality of their products lead us to realize facilities of safe value.


The maintenance of your refrigeration, air conditioning or ventilation equipment is an essential step for the durability of the installations, the safety of the building and the comfort of its occupants.

We provide routine maintenance and preventive maintenance of facilities for professionals and individuals.

We also provide troubleshooting for all types of devices and brands. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Effective predictive and preventive maintenance
The objectives of the maintenance contracts are:
– preventing and controlling major hazards on installations
– decrease the number of hours of curative maintenance
– reduce preventive maintenance costs
– put in place actions of progress.

Regulatory visits: performance assured
– Provide annual certificate of sealing for installations containing refrigerants


“The reputation of Pro Froid Clim is built on the quality of its troubleshooting!”

The breakdown service is available to our customers with or without a contract.
– Diagnostic
– Repair
– Supply of spare parts on quotation

We work with all the distributed and represented in Tunisia