Air Conditioning

Our advantages:

Energy saving and cost reduction

Our wide range of models allows you to choose the style and performance that best fit:

– At your home
– At your desk
– To your business, etc …
Specialist in air conditioning

PRO FROID CLIM takes care of your air conditioning throughout Tunisia.
We take care of the sale and installation of air conditioning for local authorities (small and large installations).
We also have reversible air conditioners for private individuals and professionals.
In addition, we integrate an after-sales service on all our products.
Advantage: With advanced Inverter technologies, you get maximum efficiency and reduce both energy consumption and costs.

Refrigeration range

Your guarantees
Total reliability and high efficiency

We offer a wide range of refrigeration systems, with a wide temperature range, ideal for:
– positive and negative cold rooms
– Freezing tunnels
– refrigerated furniture, etc …

Installation of all types of refrigeration

PRO FROID CLIM installs the refrigeration system adapted to your needs and your type of activity throughout the department.
We sell and install the shelves of fresh shelves for supermarkets or cold rooms for pastries and convenience stores.
We offer you the best solutions to meet your requirements.
We also provide after-sales service for your products.
In addition, we are also specialized in repair and maintenance.
Advantage: Our equipment ensures the accuracy of the temperature (-45 ° C to +10 ° C) in the rooms concerned, depending on the items stored, the application and the scope of the operation.